The Pastor and the Elders oversee the church especially through leadership of our coordinating teams. Together they are responsible for discipling and equipping the team members to lead (and disciple) believers to partake in the work of ministry (Eph. 4:11-12)

Scott Crosby

Scott Crosby, Elder

The biblical model of church leadership is that qualified pastor-elders serve together as the spiritual leaders of the church, shepherding the flock and sharing responsibility, authority, and accountability as a team.  As Senior Pastor, Scott is the first among equals as an elder at Liberti Fairmount.

BJ Flenner, Elder

BJ grew up in central PA. He and his wife, Robyn, have been married for 16 years and have three children, William, Anna, and Emma. BJ serves with a ministry to international students at Penn and Temple.  He enjoys traveling and learning about other cultures, cooking, art, and history.  BJ and Robyn bought a fixer-upper in Philly in 2011, and it has been their on-going project.

Photo by David Schneider

Photo by David Schneider

Everett Reiss, Elder

Everett was born into a small family of Jewish followers of Jesus. Everett came to know the LORD at a young age, and was naturally interested in studying God's Word. Everett had plenty of growing up in his faith to do because he was also naturally fearful and focused on his own works and performance. A pattern of spiritual effort, getting weary, and spiritual withdrawal marked Everett's teenage years into college. Towards the end of a period of double-mindedness in college, the Holy Spirit used the words of Keith Green's song When I Hear the Praises Start to convict Everett of his desperate need to depend on Jesus' work and rest in Him:

"My son, my son, why are you striving?  You can't add one thing to what's been done for you.

I did it all while I was dying.  Rest in your faith, my peace will come to you."

Since then Everett has been a devoted follower of Jesus. While still slipping into old tendencies of self-sufficiency, self-worship, and withdrawal, Everett strives to rest in The Rabboni, be fast to repent, and serve his wife Ashley, daughter Madeline, Liberti Fairmount community, and his neighbors at home and at work.

Photo by David Schneider

Photo by David Schneider

Chad Eason, Elder

Chad hails from Moore, Oklahoma. Graduate School at Eastern University brought him to Philadelphia, but Liberti's heart for Jesus and the city is what kept him here. Now he and his family have woven themselves into the community relying on the mercy and grace of Jesus.Having benefited from the encouragement and challenges stemming from the Fairmount neighborhood, he was humbled to ask to play a larger role in progressing that forward.   


Photo by David Schneider

Photo by David Schneider

Scott Baber, Elder

Scott was reared in a Southern Baptist home and entered into a personal relationship with God as a teenager while growing up in Ohio. After moving to Philadelphia in 2010, he and his wife Kari quickly discovered Liberti and have called it their neighborhood church since that time. Scott has been honored to serve in the nursery, as a home meeting host and leader, and most recently as an elder in training. While he admits that he does not feel equipped for this, he trusts that his family, Liberti brothers and sisters, and, above all, God will shepherd him through his role as an elder and he looks forward to doing his part in helping Liberti Fairmount to love and serve our community by being a ever-present light unto the world.

The deacons of Liberti Fairmount work to meet the practical needs of our congregation and our community. 

Ashley Cocca Rockett, Deacon (On Sabbatical)


Ashley grew up in Allentown, PA and graduated from Messiah College in 2007. She moved to Philadelphia in 2007 to pursue a Master's program at the University of Pennsylvania where she studied Professional Counseling. Ashley worked for three years in the School District of Philadelphia as a School Counselor and is now pursuing her License as a clinical therapist. In 2008 she found liberti and decided to claim it as her church home. She has enjoyed serving as a home group leader, Care Team member, and Covenant Kids volunteer. She met her husband, Thomas, at liberti's Art Museum home group and they now live in the Brewerytown neighborhood. Ashley enjoys running, green tea, any C.S. Lewis book, ultimate frisbee, laughing and Italian food. Philadelphia has a deep place in her heart and she desires to be a part of extending the gospel throughout the city.