Liberti Kids

Liberti Kids exists to lead parents and children into the freedom and grace found in Jesus, support and equip parents in fulfilling their role as spiritual leaders, and create for our children and families a living and redemptive community while addressing the unique challenges of families living in the Philadelphia area. 

Core Values

  • Leading parents and children in freedom and grace

  • Supporting and equipping parents as spiritual leaders

  • Participating in a living and redemptive community as children and families

  • Practically addressing the challenges of urban family life

Sunday Mornings

We work hard to keep children safe. We conduct background checks and call personal references for every volunteer. 

Liberti Fairmount has three opportunities for children on Sunday mornings during the school year:

  • Liberti Kids: Nursery (6 months to 2 years old): Start of service to Communion

  • Liberti Kids: Catechism (3yo-3rd grade): Passing the Peace to Communion. During this time, children will typically learn a question and answer from the New City Catechism, memorize a bible verse, and work through a brief and fun related discussion or project.

  • Liberti Kids: Teens (13+): Passing the Peace to Communion. During this time, our teens will talk through a simple application of the gospel in life.

At Home | New City Catechism

A "catechism" is a tool that Christians have used for centuries to train children and adults in the basics of the Christian faith, using a question and answer format to help with memorization. Liberti Fairmount encourages parents to use the New City Catechism to help teach the basics of the Christian Faith to their children.

Click here to view the web version of the catechism, or download the PDF to print out at home. For the website, click the settings gear icon at the bottom to select a children's version of the catechism. For the PDF, use the colored text for a children's version of the catechism