Photo by Tom Schmidt

Photo by Tom Schmidt

Who We Are

Liberti Fairmount is a neighborhood church that wants to help you grow closer to God, help you grow in relationships that you need to thrive in Philly, and make a difference where you live.

The Need

There are a lot of competing voices in the world. It’s easy to feel lost, disoriented, and lonely. Philadelphia is full of people, but it’s also easy to feel like a stranger in the crowd. It’s particularly easy to be overwhelmed by all the needs arounds you. You sometimes struggle with feeling more resigned than engaged. You want to make a difference and feel connected, but where do you even start?

The Solution

You start with the gospel.  The solution begins when you believe and rely upon Jesus (rather than yourself) for your relationship to God.  That is the gospel in a nutshell (gospel is a word which means “good news”).  Believing and relying upon Jesus is good news that can not only meet your needs, but transform who you are in every way from the inside out. Through Jesus, you’re welcomed into real relationship with God, a new spiritual family called the Church, and you’re given a spiritual power to make a difference in your neighborhood and city.

What We Do

Our week is a very simple one at Liberti Fairmount.  Our Sunday morning gatherings are the central way that we are spiritually connected and nourished together as a church family. Our weekly home meetings are the place where we nurture friendships and relationships that we need to thrive in Philadelphia. Throughout the week we make a practical and definitive difference in the lives of our friends and neighbors, serving our schools, our homeless, our students, and empowering our young families, professionals, and artists.  We live as ‘neighbors among neighbors’, ‘families among families’, and ‘friends among friends’.

How We Do It

The Gospel is the way that we come alive spiritually, and it is also the way we grow spiritually.  It is the good news about what Jesus has done on our behalf.  It is also the very power of God which grows, changes, and shapes everything about us —our hearts and identities,  our relationships and practices— in every area of our public and private lives. The Gospel underlies everything we do because it is not merely one department of our belief, but it is God’s power which affects every area of our lives when we feel and think out its implications.

What We Value

These are four specific values that guide us in living out the gospel in Philadelphia.

Community - We have been welcomed into God’s family and received his kindness. We welcome others and build each other up in community.

Service - Jesus came to serve and give himself away for us.  We joyfully give our time and resources to the underprivileged in our city.

Partnership - We receive peace and unity in the gospel.  We work side by side with other churches and organizations to seek the peace of Philadelphia.

Renewal - We have hope in Jesus’ renewing work for us.  We work for the flourishing of our neighborhoods as neighbors among neighbors.


Churches among Churches

The gospel changes the way we partner with others.  We have no illusions that our single church, network, or denomination is sufficient to renew all of Philadelphia. We are therefore committed to starting (and helping others start) new churches, while at the same time partnering with Christian churches from various backgrounds for a powerful, renewal of gospel vitality in the neighborhoods and the whole life of our city.

Here are just a few great churches in our neighborhoods…

Liberti Network Churches    PCA Churches    Acts29 Churches    

City Church    Epic Church   Calvary Word Of Life   Greater Exodus   Olivet Covenant    

Key Leaders & Support

Liberti Fairmount employs four staff: the Lead Pastor, the Operations Manager & Director of Community Life, the Worship Arts Director, and the Bookkeeper who conduct most of the formal operations of the church. They receive oversight and direction from the Elders who are the spiritual leaders of the church. The Deacons work to meet the practical needs of our congregation and our community.

We have a number of Volunteers across different parts of the church who make the ministries of the church successful (e.g., Sunday service, home meeting leaders and hosts, school partnerships, etc.).

Liberti Fairmount is primarily funded through the generous giving of its members and regular attenders. There are also outside organizations invested in our ministries as a church.  We receive financial support from an organization in Delaware that gives money to churches that are doing work of the Gospel in urban contexts.   We have also been recipients of grants that assist with the counseling needs of our community and surrounding neighborhoods.

Getting Connected

Here are some different ways to get connected at Liberti Fairmount.   Worship with us on Sundays at 9:30AM at 22nd & Mt. Vernon, build relationships with other folks at Liberti Fairmount by joining a home meeting, and make a difference in our community by being a part of the mercy ministries of the church.

Here are the staff members you should contact to get better connected at Liberti Fairmount:

Scott Crosby, Lead Pastor (Preaching & Sacraments | Vision & Leadership | Pastoral Care)

Evan Curry, Operations Manager & Director of Community Life (Ministry Operations | Relationships & Ministry Involvement)

Simeon Church, Worship Arts Director (Sunday Worship Music | Musicians)

Kate Perez, Bookkeeper (Finances)