Photo by Tom Schmidt

Photo by Tom Schmidt

1. Why Do We Exist?

(underlying reason for being Liberti Fairmount; our core purpose)

We exist to live out the freedom we have in Jesus Christ and to offer that freedom to others.

Listen to a sermon on freedom in Christ here 

2. How Do We Respond to the Freedom that We Have?

(the ultimate guide for behavior at all levels of involvement at Liberti Fairmount; principles that guide our behaviors and decisions over time)

Existing Values

(a few -just two or three- behavioral traits that are already inherent in Liberti Fairmount)

We are free in Christ to be…

1) Hospitable - we are hospitable to each other and welcoming those who have yet to embrace Christianity but are willing to have their questions, doubts, and struggles both honored and addressed.

2) Communal - we cultivate community where people are called to see themselves and each other not as consumers of “church" but as present members in the body of Christ.

3) Encouraging - we encourage one another in our lives and faith

Aspirational Values

(characteristics that Liberti Fairmount wants to have, wishes it already had, and believes it must develop)

We aspire in our freedom in Christ to be…

  1. Honest - we admit that we are broken in our faith and depend on the Lord through His People

  2. Bold - we admit that we are set aside for God and are unafraid to live life in a manner worthy of Him.

  3. Discerning - we challenge one another to grow in our faith

Cultural Values

(the minimum standards that are required at Liberti Fairmount)

Our freedom in Christ means...

  1. Participation - we contribute to the life of the church with our time, talent, and treasure.

  2. Balance - we are casual but intentionally engaged

  3. Diversity - we are comfortable in relationships across different life stages.

  4. Liturgy - we narrate the movements of the Gospel and benefit from the riches of historic Christian worship

  5. (that we are) Winsomely Reformed - we are led by pastors and elders that embrace the Reformed articulation of the Christian faith while seeking to live with humility and gratitude as we learn from other faithful traditions in the body of Christ.

Accidental Values

(traits that are evident in Liberti Fairmount, but have come about unintentionally and are not necessarily good for the church; behavioral tendencies that have developed over time because of history, or because staff with a similar background have been hired, etc.)

  1. Lack of punctuality - we are late to everything

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3. What we do

(a clear and straightforward answer to “what?”)

We worship God, live in community throughout the week, and serve neighbors in need.

Listen to a sermon on what we do here

4. How will we succeed?

(Strategy, or simply put, Liberti Fairmount’s plan for success; a collection of intentional decisions the elders and congregation make to give the church the best chance to thrive; every single decision, if it is made intentionally and consistently, will be part of the the overall strategy). 

Strategic Anchors:

(Boil down the plan for success to three strategic anchors that will be used to inform every decision the church makes and provide the filter or lens through which decisions must be evaluate to ensure consistency; provide the context for all decision making)

Long-term anchor: Joy

Romans 15:13 

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.

Short-term anchor (front of the house): staying connected over the summer

Hebrews 10:14-25

24 And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, 25 not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.

  • Adapt worship space downstairs to fit attendance over the summer (to feel connected); develop coffee area to be inviting

  • Launch women's and men's groups (along with the neighborhood group) to meet regularly when home meetings take a break

  • Pastor Scott / elders will meet with each of the new coordinating teams at least once

    • Pastor Scott will host a dinner for each of the new coordinating teams to build cohesion and clarity 

  • Home Meetings will continue to host a weekly potluck throughout the summer

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5. What is most important now?

(For Liberti Fairmount to create a sense of alignment and focus, it must have a single top priority within a given period of time; for something to be the top priority, it has to be more important than everything else; even if there are multiple big priorities, ultimately one of those has to be at the very top.)

Top Priority Now (front of the house)

  • staying connected over the summer

Top Priority Now (back of the house):

  • Transition of space (accomplished June 2nd) and roles (accomplished July 1st)

Listen to a sermon on what is most important now here.

6. Who is doing what?

The Pastor and the Elders oversee the coordinating teams and are responsible for discipling and equipping the team members to lead (and disciple) believers to partake in the work of ministry

Eph. 4:11-12

11 And he gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers, 12 to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ

First Impressions Coordinator: Lead: Kari Baber,  Elder: BJ Flenner
Concerned with showing hospitality both to those who are and who are not part of the church

Rom 12:13

13 Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality.

Heb 13:2

2 Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers…

Organizes greeters, coffee setup, and other volunteers who make gathering with the church a warm and friendly experience for guests.  

Trains volunteers on:

  • Seeing the gospel as mirrored by their kindness

  • Being friendly, helpful people who smile, exuding the joy of salvation

  • Meeting virtually every conceivable need

  • Location of first aid kit, nearest water fountain, restrooms, LibertiKids nursery, main worship space, and so forth

  • The “three-minute rule”: must talk to someone they don’t know for three minutes following the end of the worship service

Assists in the development of the church’s first impressions system and volunteers

Schedules volunteers via Planning Center

Volunteer Coordinator: Lead: Scott Crosby, Elder: Chad Eason

Is a coach who assists persons in identifying their place in ministry within and beyond the congregation

  • Develops and oversees ways to involve church members and guests more deeply into the life of the congregation

  • Helps church members broadly identify areas to serve based on their gifting; needs a systematic process for talent and gift discovery along with ministry placement.

  • Develop a strategy to match individual’s talent and gifting with ministries needed in the community.

    • During Liberti Fairmount’s Covenant Renewal, focus on service, and develop the willingness to serve wherever needed - rather than just specific giftings

Evangelism & Outreach Coordinator: Lead: TBD   Elder: Scott Crosby

Is what the Bible calls “the evangelist” (Eph 4:11), and promotes activities to reach the unchurched.

  • Assists other leaders in evangelizing the unchurched through existing networks

  • Reminds the church and team of their own evangelistic responsibility

  • Equips congregation on how to share Christ in their daily lives

  • Oversees the implementation of outreach projects (e.g., Easter Outreach)

Assimilation and Groups Coordinator: Lead: Will Hall, Cas & Rena Stach Elder: Everett Reiss
Tasked with connecting people

  • Helps people connect to the weekend service, membership class, participate with one of the coordinating teams, and eventually to connect to on of our home meetings and the men and women’s groups

  • Develops low pressure, easy access community events that help visitors and members alike to participate and engage

LibertiKids Coordinator: Lead: TBD   Elder: Scott Baber
Thinks deeply and prayerfully about culturally appropriate ways to teach children the Bible

  • Determines best system for education, developing materials, and structuring meaningful times of worship

  • Maintains standards of safety for the children of the church:

  • All volunteers have up-to-date background checks

  • Parent who signs in a child is the same who claims the child

  • Volunteers wear neat, clean Liberti Fairmount shirts and name tags 

  • Creates system of notifying parents if any potential issues arise

  • Schedules volunteers and coordinates lessons in Planning Center

Worship Coordinator: Lead: Scott Crosby      Elder: Scott Crosby
Gifted, culturally-sensitive music leader with ability to lead the congregation toward a contextually-appropriate encounter with God

  • Develops a worship team - assess and empower other leaders for music ministry

  • Always points congregation to Jesus - makes sure attendees find the worship time appropriately structured, compelling, and meaningful

  • Schedules volunteers and coordinates songs in Planning Center

  • Slides for Worship

Finance Coordinator: Lead: Kate Perez (Bookkeeper for Liberti Network)     Elder: Scott Baber
Oversees the church’s finances.  

  • Plans for specific on-site management of offerings, counting, depositing funds, and reporting to the bookkeeper

    • Tell attenders specifically how financial gifts are being used to reassure givers and even non-contributing guests

    • Oversees system for at least two people to count the offering plus a second system of checks and balances when depositing the offering into the church’s bank account.