How to Enroll

Anyone is eligible to become a member of the preschool. We encourage those interested to first review the member handbook. After reviewing the handbook, you can fill out the initial interest form to proceed with your enrollment. A member will be in touch with you shortly to review next steps once this form has been submitted.  Questions? Email us at

Why Do We Exist?

Liberti Fairmount Cooperative Preschool exists as a Christian learning environment designed to nurture its children’s capacity to grow physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

How Do We Behave?

  1. We empower learning, partnering with families to best care for the individual needs of the child; providing education without pressure; empowering our children.

  2. We have a sense of community and neighborhood.

  3. We strive to be available to more neighborhood families; having a natural, non-stressful, organic growth process; working with the layers of families present (those who age out, those who have been around, and those who are new); paring mentor families with new families.

  4. We are socially connected, having a community within the cooperative, socializing with one another, birthday parties, play dates, etc.

  5. We collaborate and are involved

    1. We are willing to work with others on a team; accepting of one another though we’re not all the same

    2. We are open minded to the mission and vision of the preschool and to being more involved with an eye towards the future of the preschool

    3. We are actively engaged as parents, identifying and developing parent volunteers for each class and giving each parent a meaningful role.

  6. We work towards a balanced number of boys and girls


What Do We Do?

We provide an affordable Christian preschool that is committed to nurturing each child as a whole.  This is achieved through a variety of activities that are developmentally appropriate and recognize the individual needs and differences of children. Through Christian principles, children are encouraged to be independent thinkers and life-long learners.

How Will We Succeed?

  1. Community: We intentionally connect families across classes and the three year cycle. We are proactive about our teachers being happy, making sure they have prep time built in and that their needs as teachers are taken care of by the preschool.

  2. Communication: We communicate well through our administrative team and get that communication out with timeliness, regularity, and a cohesive core behind the message.

  3. Fiscal Responsibility: We make sure the classes are filled, folks are paying on time; and maintain a strong balance between income and expenses (staying on budget; expansion, etc.); we pursue fundraisers (happy hours, rentals, etc.); and provide our Lead Teacher and staff with the resources and funds to provide what the children need.

What Is Most Important Now?

Top Priority Now

  • Make sure classes are full for the coming school year (2019-20)

Other Priorities

  • Make sure the preschool feels like a community among the parents and children

Who Is Doing What?

Pastor (Scott Crosby) - The role of the Pastor is to provide general leadership and support for the Administrative Committee, and to function as liaison with the Liberti Fairmount Elders.

Lead Teacher (Ruthanne Ruff)- The role of the Lead Teacher is to plan for each day, assume responsibility for any major decisions that arise during the day, and communicate plans and expectations with parents and the Administrative Committee.

Lead Parent (Katie Kindle) - The role of the Lead Parent is to facilitate member and admin committee meetings, function as liaison with Pastor Scott and Liberti Fairmount Church, and report on admin committee proceedings at the member meetings. The Lead Parent is in regular discussion with the Lead Teacher to ensure she has everything they need to successfully run the preschool, assist with coordinating field trips and special activities, and regularly report to the Liberti Fairmount Elders.

Secretary (Patrick Murphy)- The role of the secretary is to be the primary contact with 2601, and to help facilitate regular, organized communications between the administrative committee, members and teaching staff of the preschool.  The Secretary records Member and Admin Committee meeting minutes, and distributing minutes to all Members. The Secretary is responsible for all written communication with the enrolled families, including monthly calendar and newsletter.

Personnel Officer (Stefanie Horsley)- The role of the Personnel Officer is to organize the parents and help schedule their volunteer hours and committee requirements. The Personnel Officer creates and keeps track of the co-oping parent schedule to ensure that there is always one parent scheduled per class, and oversees and coordinates parent jobs.  The role also includes facilitating the hiring process and communicating with the staff regarding dismissal, review, and with settlement of grievances.

Membership Officers (Phil & Sarah Smoker) - The role of the Membership Officer is to formulate and populate classes by overseeing enrollment, public relations, maintaining the membership handbook and planning Open Houses.

Finance Officer  (Abby McShea)- The role of the Finance Officer is to act as the primary financial contact with 2601, prepare the annual budget, and follow up with registration and tuition payments.  The role involves bookkeeping, budgeting, collecting tuition and fees, and paying expenses.

Parent Committees (Committee descriptions can be found here.)

Each household must participate in at least one committee and are often needed to help with additional tasks on more than one committee.